Living where I do, I may be the last edublogger [see "Show 50 more markers"] to say goodbye to 2005. It occurs to me that I may get to be one of the last bloggers period on the internet in 2005. (There are reasons I call it Borderland.) I probably won’t get the absolute last word this year, but I’ll be close. People out on the Aleutians and in Polynesia, you get the last shot.

Many Thanks

I want to thank all of the people who generously commented on, linked to, or visited Borderland this year. Your attention to my stumbling effort encourages me to press on. It’s been fun, and I’m grateful for your kind attention.

The Refrigerator Text

On Christmas the family got to talking about all of the stuff hanging on the refrigerator. Looking at it, I realized it was a fairly complex text. It had a history, and quite a bit to say about us. The inside also tells a story, but that’s a bit more personal than I care to share on the internet. There are limits, I’ve learned.

I’ve said before that anything is a text; you can read the world around you. So the refrigerator has a lot meaning for us whether we’re looking in it, or at it: Calendar, photos, schedules, art. Most notably, my son made an “I Have a Dream” poster for Martin Luther King Day 2 years ago when he was in third-grade. He wished that we weren’t at war. The poster is still up. It’ll stay up until that wish is fulfilled.

Wishing all a Happy New Year

Be bold. Be kind.

Sunset on the last day of 2005 from the Alaska interior.