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War is Peace

May 03 2011 Published by under borderland,politics

2011 05 01 - 2175 - Washington DC - Osama Celebration

But I’m not feeling it.

Tim Wise, after noting that the crowd seemed to be made up of college students from George Washington University “partying like it was spring break,” rhetorically asks whether they’d have also come out to celebrate a cure for cancer, AIDS, or an end to world hunger. And then he wryly observes:

Perhaps the only thing more disturbing than the celebrations unleashed in the wake of bin Laden"™s demise was the cynical way in which the president suggested that his killing proved "œAmerica can do whatever we set our mind to." If this is, indeed, the lesson of bin Laden"™s death, then this only suggests we clearly don"™t want to diminish, let alone end, child poverty, excess mortality rates in communities of color, rape and sexual assault of women (including the many thousands who have been victimized in the U.S. military), or food insecurity for millions of families; because we aren"™t addressing any of those things with nearly the aplomb as that put to warfare and the killing of our adversaries.

We are, if the president is serious here, a nation that has narrowly constricted its marketable talents to the deployment of violence. We can"™t manufacture much of anything, but we can kill you. We can"™t fix our schools, or build adequate levees to protect a city like New Orleans from floodwaters. But we can kill you. We can"™t reduce infant mortality to anywhere near the level of other industrialized nations with which we like to compare ourselves. But we can kill you. We can"™t break the power of Wall Street bankers, or jail any of those bankers and money managers who helped orchestrate the global financial collapse. But we can kill you. We can"™t protect LGBT youth from bullying in schools, or ensure equal opportunity for all in the labor market, regardless of race, gender, sexuality or any other factor. But we can kill you. Booyah, bitches.

- Tim Wise, Killing One Monster, Unleashing Another: Reflections on Revenge and Revelry.

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